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Lazy Monday Morning and Grooming Parlour

Mummy let us have a lie in this morning – it meant that we didn’t get breakfast until late, but as Mummy allowed up on the bed for a cuddle how could we refuse? Mummy has had us in the … Continue reading

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Heel Work and Brownie Points

Mummy took us all out for our normal walk this morning, and then got Zen and me ready and put us in the car – leaving our Cavie brothers behind.  The only time we tend to go out on our … Continue reading

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What A Long Walk!

We went on our normal walk this evening, but then Mummy extended it a little bit at the end to give us a little longer running around playing.  We had just been put back on our leads and were about … Continue reading

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Strangling Cousins and Disappearing Seats

Mummy took us round Grandma’s today to meet her cousin – he’s met our Cavie brothers before, but not us.  Zen wanted to get to know him better, but he put Zen in a headlock whenever he jumped up (well, he … Continue reading

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Spring(er) is in the Air

Our fields were full of lovely smells this morning.  It was lovely jumping around everywhere, bouncing and prancing.  I don’t think Mummy was too pleased, though – she’d given Hal and me a bath yesterday, and we came back rather … Continue reading

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Deer Exchange

Zen decided that he didn’t want his walk to end today, and disappeared into the rape fields.  We only knew where he was when we saw the odd pheasant suddenly take to the skies, or the odd ear above the … Continue reading

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Little Pickle

Mummy has been calling me “Little Pickle” today, and Shandy has been taking it one stage further by calling me “Small Chunks” (as in Branston Pickle, Small Chunks).  That’s not fair, just because I’ve not wanted to do any training … Continue reading

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