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Happy Birthday Bruvs

Our Cavie brothers are 9 years old today – Happy Birthday Shandy & Casey.

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Shiny Hats

Our house has a new hat, and this one’s all shiny.  Mummy says they’re called solar panels and they are going to both save her money and make her money – how good is that?

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We’ve got Antlers!

Our Stagbar Antler Chews turned up today.  These are bits of red deer antler with marrowbone in the middle.  They are meant to be long lasting chews which also help to clean the teeth – lets see how long they … Continue reading

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Tick Tock Tick!

Mummy found a tick on me this evening – don’t know where it came from as we don’t have any sheep round here and we don’t normally get ticks.  In the past she’s always used a tick remover, but she … Continue reading

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Swimming Lessons

As we didn’t go to the show yesterday, Mummy took us out for a special walk today – to a place where we love to go swimming. In the past Hal’s always wanted to play fight with me in the … Continue reading

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No Show

Mummy was hoping to take us to a country show today, but as it’s been doing nothing but raining we decided to stay at home in the dry instead.  Two of our neighbouring counties have declared a drought, and we’ve … Continue reading

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Getting Better

I’m pleased to report that I’m feeling better today, although a little weak.  I’ve eaten all of my breakfast and kept that down, and am now resting – only moving when Mummy takes me outside.  Rest is always such a … Continue reading

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