Little Pickle

Mummy has been calling me “Little Pickle” today, and Shandy has been taking it one stage further by calling me “Small Chunks” (as in Branston Pickle, Small Chunks).  That’s not fair, just because I’ve not wanted to do any training today, and have been doing everything possible to ignore Mummy and do the total opposite of what she wants.  Well, Hal said she was saying that we were calming down and growing up over the weekend, so I had to prove her wrong.

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  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    Umm, but aren’t you bigger than Shandy? Is there a smooth Branston so you could get you’re own back? If you’re small Chunks, surely he must be Tiny Bits. Though if Missy is Half Pint, who is Full Pint?

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