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Snow Fun

It was lovely on our walk this morning – it had been snowing during the night so fresh snow was around everywhere and we got to leave our paw prints in the snow as we walked along.  Wonder if anyone … Continue reading

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It was -5.8C (21.5F) when we got up for breakfast this morning, so Mummy gave us all our food and then we hibernated back to bed! But it was still -5.1C (23F) when we went out for our walk, so … Continue reading

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School Is Cancelled

I was so looking forward to school today – Mummy had spent yesterday evening preparing lovely yummy treats for me.  And then we got to the class to be told that Indie’s Mummy had a chest infection so the class … Continue reading

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First Snow of the Winter

We had our first snow of the winter today – not much, certainly not enough to jump up and down in, but signs of things to come.  We like snow…

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Nose Bands Have Arrived

Our new calming bands arrived today, so Mummy made us wear them for our walk this afternoon.  We met 4 different groups of dogs whilst we were out walking – with each group we either didn’t bark at all, or … Continue reading

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Calming Bands

Oh no, Mummy’s decided to buy us some calming bands – apparently they are meant to stop us from barking so much and stop our hyperactivity.  We never used to bark at other dogs before we had our operations last … Continue reading

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Sorry, Mummy

Oh dear, Mummy left us in the lounge whilst she went and made tea, so we could snuggle on our new covers this evening, but then she heard us growling at each other – always bad news for Mummy…  She … Continue reading

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