Strangling Cousins and Disappearing Seats

Mummy took us round Grandma’s today to meet her cousin – he’s met our Cavie brothers before, but not us.  Zen wanted to get to know him better, but he put Zen in a headlock whenever he jumped up (well, he says it wasn’t, but we’ve got the photo to prove it -see below).

Mummy sat on a funny seat whilst we were round there – it moved of its own accord.  When we tried to jump onto or off it, it sort of tried to get away from us.  How can seats move like that?  Mummy said it was called a swinging hammock, but that doesn’t mean anything to us.  Here’s a photo of me on it, and that one of Zen in a headlock:

2010-05-23-01.jpg     2010-05-23-04.jpg

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One Response to Strangling Cousins and Disappearing Seats

  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    You get to meet so many peoples ~ was cousin a people or a puppy?

    A seat that flies away when you try to sit on it? Don’t like the sound of that. Did you ever get on it? was it comfortable?

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