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Rape Seed Fields

Mummy’s been taking some photos of our Rape Seed field (where we love to go playing, and get all sticky), and some of our other fields that we go walking in regularly:          

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We visited our little cousin today today, and she did my hair for me – looks good, doesn’t it!  

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Pilo-Sebaceous Naevus, Non-Neoplastic

No, that’s not us swearing!  We’ve just got the results of the tests on Casey’s lump and that’s what he had.  For the uninformed, it means that it wasn’t a tumour after all. Casey is recovering well, almost back to … Continue reading

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Helping Casey to Recover

We managed to get a look at Casey’s wound today, even though he’s being very shy of it, and Mummy even managed to get a photo.  Casey’s spent most of today sleeping, but at times he did try to scratch … Continue reading

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Missing Casey

Casey was at the vets most of today, having his tumour removed.  The tumour was only attached to the skin, not to anything internal, and they were able to remove all of it, so we’re keeping our paws crossed that … Continue reading

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Malignant Tumours

Mummy got the results of Casey’s test today – the lump on his chest is a tumour that is slightly malignant.  He’s booked in for Thursday to have it removed.  Paws all crossed for you, little brother.

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Fun at Camber Sands

We went to Camber Sands today – it was our reward for being so good whilst Mummy took Grandma and Grandpa to collect their new motorhome. We loved the beach – shame that we’re only allowed on it for another … Continue reading

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