Heel Work and Brownie Points

Mummy took us all out for our normal walk this morning, and then got Zen and me ready and put us in the car – leaving our Cavie brothers behind.  The only time we tend to go out on our own is when we go to the vets, so we did get rather worried….  But we needn’t have – Mummy took us to the local County show.  She told Zen and me that if we behaved and walked nicely to heel, one on each side, she would make sure that no-one trod on us, bumped into us, or did anything else that we didn’t want.  Well, the place was rather crowded so we thought that we had better do as Mummy said – so we did immaculate heel work for most of the time at the show (we did get rather tired towards the end) and did not jump up at any of the people (other than those making a fuss of us – surely we’re allowed that little lapse in our training….) and we survived without any bumps, crushed toes, or other unpleasantries.  And we even got to meet one of our friends there, make more friends and try a few new treats.  With the treats, Mummy made us sit and then lie down before we were allowed the treats – which impressed the stall holders so they didn’t mind when Mummy then took another few treats for us.  Mummy also bought us a couple of cheap beds for our own bedroom – Zen has chewed one of the beds and I don’t think Mummy can quite face repairing it just yet.  I think Mummy was really proud of us, and Grandma said how well behaved we had been – surely we must have earned some brownie points today. 

When we got home, after a short rest, we were taken out on another walk – well, our Cavie brothers needed a second walk and despite being tired we really didn’t want to be left behind.

We’re shattered now….  Mummy has mentioned something about an early night and watching TV in bed, so I think it’s time for us to get ourselves ready for bed and head upstairs hopefully….

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  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    Sore paws still, mumma mentioned 22 mile walk yesterday ~ that’s just her, we did far more

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