Puppy, It’s Cold Outside!

It was -6.7oC when we got up this morning, and we weren’t exactly early as it was so snug in our beds.  It’s only up to -3.5oC now, but I think Mummy is going to brave the temperature and take us out for a walk soon.

The snow is less fluffy and more crispy now – strange how it changed overnight.  We don’t mind, though, as it’s still fun to play in it.  Mummy had to lock us in our cages earlier as we just wouldn’t rest, or even stay in the house, and she was worried that we were getting too cold and overdoing it with our legs.

Well, that was such a fun walk!  Mummy could see that I really wanted to play in the snow – as deep asn 14 inches in some places where it had drifted – so we did a deal and I agreed to stay close to her, not run around too much and rest as soon as we got home if she let me off the lead.  So here I am, curled up in Casey’s cage…  But boy was it fun out there, and I’m sure I was limping less than Zen at the end of the walk.  I hope we can go out again later.

Yes, we got another walk!  A shorter one this time as it was starting to get very cold and Mummy was worried about us.  Mummy let me off the lead for a while, but I then broke the terms of our arrangement and started fighting with Zen (I’m sure he did it deliberately), so had to go back on a lead.  I thought that was it, but Mummy was very kind and let me off the lead round the back where the snow is very deep – my legs kept disappearing!  We also met two lovely people who gave Zen and me loads of fuss – they seemed to love the way we kept springing up to try to kiss them, and when the guy was saying goodbye to Zen, I jumped up at his back, which amused his partner.

Time for a snooze now…

2009-12-19-30.jpg     2009-12-19-34.jpg     2009-12-19-52.jpg

2009-12-19-33.jpg     2009-12-19-44.jpg     2009-12-19-56.jpg

2009-12-19-41.jpg     2009-12-19-60.jpg     2009-12-19-61.jpg

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