Shy Little Puppies

Mummy has decided to buy us both rain coats for Xmas – talk about leaving it late!  She’s not going for ones that are warm, as thinks that we should have thick enough coats, especially if we continue to play outside as we have been doing recently.  These coats are just designed to keep the rain and wind off our backs.  Well, to get the right size Mummy had to measure us – but we’re shy about out size, and didn’t like the idea.  So whilst Mummy was measuring me, Zen pinched the measuring tape out of Mummy’s hands, and ran off into the garden with it.  Well, a little tug, and Zen and I had the tape in two, each with our own section to protect from Mummy.  I decided to stuff my share in my mouth – well, by the time Mummy got it out, it was totally soggy and useless.  Zen wasn’t quite as efficient, though, and as he had the start of the tape Mummy was still able to try again.  In the end, I think she decided to go for the standard size for a Welshie, so hope it fits.

Anyway, here’s a photo of a model with the coat – now, doesn’t that look more macho than the Cavies’ coats:


Here’s some photos from today of the Cavies’ coats for comparison:

2009-12-20-03.jpg     2009-12-20-04.jpg     2009-12-20-06.jpg

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