Wet Puppies & Halloween

It’s been raining most of today, but we didn’t notice it when we went out for our first walk today – after all, we did spend a fair amount of it swimming in the water (or looking for ways in / out).  We just love that place Mummy takes us for special occasions – so many exciting smells, ducks and birds everywhere, and lovely muddy water to swim in.  Zen even jumped in the water and then climbed up onto a fisherman’s little wooden platform – and then jumped from the platform back to land just to prove how agile he is.  We’re shattered now, but Mummy says it’s going to get dark much earlier today (why is that?) so we will have to go out for our 2nd walk soon.  But then we can have a whole evening of sleeping and cuddles.

Oh, we’re much wetter now – after our 2nd walk Mummy decided to give us all a bath to get rid of the smell of the river.  Now that’s just not fair!

Mummy has had loads of visitors this evening – and every time they call she gives them a treat.  Do you think if we go outside and make a noise she’ll give us a treat?  We’re trying to be really helpful and if Mummy doesn’t hear the doorbell (she’s doing the housework) then we tell her that there’s someone at the door – aren’t we good guard dogs…

Oh no, time for all claws to be cut.  Not fair.  Now, how can we get revenge?

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