Whistle Hunter

Mummy managed to lose our whistle when we were out walking yesterday – she only noticed once we’d got home.  So today she decided to retrace our steps, and told us that there would be a special treat for us if we found the whistle.  So, we were all getting excited and working out how best to scan the fields, and then….  Someone had already found the whistle and put it on top of a post at the entrance to the fields.  How disappointing – and no, we didn’t get that extra treat.

2010-09-26-03.jpg     2010-09-26-04.jpg     2010-09-26-05.jpg

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3 Responses to Whistle Hunter

  1. Dublin says:

    You two are so cute! Mama’s typing this for me, & her name is Michelle, in case it ever comes up or she leaves a comment without me. I saw the list of blogs on FT that Welshies started. Great to do that! So I’m visiting the list right now. >^..^

  2. Hal says:

    Thanks, Dublin. We don’t take advantage of being cute at all… 🙂

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