Gardening Help

Mummy wanted to give the garden a good clip before the winter, so Grandma and Grandpa offered to come round and help – which meant we got our cousins Sparky and Gizzy to play with.

Once Mummy had butchered about half of her bushes, all the cuttings were put into two piles for Mummy and Grandpa to cut up into small bits for the recycling bin.  Well, we decided to help Mummy, so every time no-one was looking we dragged a branch from Mummy’s pile to Grandpa’s.  I don’t think he could work out why Mummy’s pile was going down so quickly and yet his didn’t seem to be changing.

Our garden feels so much bigger, lighter and airier now – Mummy hopes it will help the lawn to dry out over the winter.  But she’s still got just under half left to do so hope we have another dry weekend.

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