Happy Birthday Grandma

Happy Birthday Grandma.  She won’t tell us how old she is, only that it’s her birthday.  I wonder how she’s celebrating…

Mummy phoned the consultant today – apparently I can start short walks a couple of times a day from this weekend, although Mummy has to keep a very close eye on my elbow to make sure that it doesn’t swell or get fluid in the joint.  I’ve also been told that I’m allowed off the lead in the garden if I don’t run around too much – but there’s just too many smells to investigate and bushes to run behind, and brothers to play with…

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  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    I think she’s 15 ~ a huge age!
    Missy’s daddy left 9 years ago, so Missy is 9, mumma has 2 other people puppies, so they must be 10 & 11, making mumma 13 & as mumma is Grandma’s biggest puppy, Grandma must be 15

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