Strollers and Sleeping Places

Mummy has been taking me out in the stroller every time she takes Zen, Shandy and Casey out for a walk.  I’d much rather be running with them, or even on a lead walking, but being in the stroller is a hundred times better than being left at home.  I settle down quickly and am quite happy lying down in there, keeping an eye on my brothers running around.

Here’s a couple of new photos – one of me with the front up, showing how much visibility there is, and one of me not wanting to get out after a walk!

2010-08-29-02.jpg     2010-08-29-03.jpg

Today’s my first day since the op without any pain killers – I had my last one on Friday evening, so they are fully out of my system now.  After 4 weeks on pain killers I’m feeling the effect of not having them – been a bit quiet during the day.  However, this evening I’ve been feeling better, and wanted to play like the old days – I don’t think Mummy approves 🙁  

And here’s a photo of me resting in Casey’s cage, and one where Mummy caught me on the settee – I wasn’t meant to have jumped up there, but I just love trying to get back to my normal routine:

2010-08-29-05.jpg     2010-08-29-07.jpg

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  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    I’m sure you’ll be back to normal in a few weeks, I know it’ll feel like years, but it will go

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