Sheep and Chickens

Mummy thought we needed some education today, so took us to Newark Park.  On our first walk Casey found some sheep and tried to chase them – but Mummy had him firmly on the lead.  Then at the end of the walk Zen entertained everyone in the car park by trying to chase a couple of chickens, and tying himself in knots round a fence in the process.  I’m not sure that was the sort of education Mummy was looking for…

Mummy decided to use our nosebands for our second walk as there was too much wildlife around – so we got our own back by walking as fast as we could and almost making her run to keep up with us.  Well, if we can’t sniff the ground or chase the sheep / chickens, what else is there to do than to take revenge on Mummy?

We met 2 English Springer Spaniels down the dog park this evening, but they were just too stuck up to play with us – well, either that or they found their ball more interesting, but we can’t believe that to be the case.

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  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    Keila got chased by ducks yesterday! Mumma let her round up 3 ducks at bedtime, but she’s nowhere near as good as me. She walked behind the ducks, then found something to play with (I think she’s scared of them now) & left mumma to walk them home. Sheep mean being tied to Chut’ty & Twiglet. Sheeps is nasty

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