Springer Is My Middle Name

Whilst out walking this evening we decided to explore in the field next to the one Mummy was in – well, Casey, Hal and I did, Shandy decided to stay with Mummy.  After a while Hal decided to return to Mummy, so ran back to where we entered the field and went through the same hole.  But Casey and I continued…  When Mummy called us, I didn’t want to go running all that way back, but between my field and hers there was an area of 4ft high stinging nettles.  Now, we are not scared of stinging nettles in the way that Mummy is (we don’t understand why she is so scared of them), but what is the point in fighting our way through when there are other options?  So I jumped them – all 4ft high and 3ft wide of them.  Mummy saw me do it, and I think she was quite impressed.  Well, they don’t call us Springers for nothing!

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3 Responses to Springer Is My Middle Name

  1. That was clever Zen but what did Casey do?

  2. Zen says:

    He found a place with a little “tunnel” through the stinging nettles – seemed far too much effort for me.

  3. Skoryy Lovok says:

    I don’t really jump, but Middy does. Mumma says Springers can jump 10 feet, but is that 10 mumma feet or 10 my feet?

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