Ready Meals

Mummy has decided that we eat our food too fast – she says that in the wild we’d have to work for our food and we just have it far too easy.  Well, she doesn’t exactly work for her food either – it just appears from that big oven and jumps onto her plate.  But no amount of constructive discussion (or arguing, as I think you call it) has done us any good, and she’s bought us new bowls with funny bits all in them so we can’t just hoover up our food.  Zen got quite frustrated with his bowl this evening and even started growling at it, whereas I just took my time and tried to work out how to get to every last bit of food.  I think we may get the better of those bowls yet, with practice, but how’s that for cruelty?  I always thought meal times were sacred.

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  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    Hi! This is Twilight writing for Skoryy. You’re lucky that you only have you bowls to fight for food ~ poor Skoryy can’t type & is lying in a heap after bad Arthur attacked him because he wanted to eat his own breakfast from his own bowl & Arthur wanted ALL our food. He even opened the front door to help himself to our bowls.

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