Tree Branches

Mummy has spent most of today cutting branches off two of the trees in our garden – talk about being in heaven with all that wood that we can chew without being told off for ruining Mummy’s plants.  But hold on – she’s now cutting those branches into little pieces and placing them in the big brown bin – that wasn’t meant to happen 🙁 .  Wait, Mummy – that’s our toys for the week….

Mummy used her new Furminator on our brothers Shandy and Casey this evening – it was frightening how much fur she got out of their coats.  I’m glad she didn’t use it on us – we still want to keep all of our fur!

PS  We’ve received some photos of our litter mate brother (Boris) and sisters (Clover and Ellie) – these have been added to our photo album, along with some more photos of when we met our birth Mum, Dad and litter mate sister Skye.

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  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    Furminator? Sounds like a big nasty monster. Mumma brushed & combed a small part of me & got a pail of fur from me. She was talking about making a dogfur jumper ~ I wonder if she loves my fluffy fur so much that she wants a fur coat, too…..

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