Time For A Trim

Mummy wanted to trim my ears this evening, but I wanted none of it so did a quick exit left. So Mummy then started on Zen, and he swiftly followed me. Third choice was Casey – he doesn’t seem to mind, so showed us both up by just lying there whilst Mummy gave him a trim. But whilst I was admiring his shorter ears Mummy then grabbed hold of me and proceeded to trim my ears and chest. I hated having it done, but now it’s over I actually think I look quite grown up. I think tomorrow will be Shandy’s and Zen’s turn. I’m sure Mummy is only giving us a trim as our local pet shop has an open day on Saturday and she’s planning on taking us to show us all off.

Anyway, here’s 2 photos of Zen’s “fluffy” ears and one of my nicely trimmed ears:

2010-02-24-08.jpg     2010-02-24-09.jpg     2010-02-24-18.jpg

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2 Responses to Time For A Trim

  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    Mumma has only ever trimmed my under-paw fur. She loves my long fur

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