Harness Update

We’ve had a few people ask us about our harnesses, so here are the details:
          Hal – Rogz Beach Bum Harness, Bones on Red
          Zen – Rogz Beach Bum Harness, Paws on Blue Zebra
          Shandy – Rogz Scooter Harness, Paws on Blue Zebra
          Casey – Rogz Scooter Harness, Bones on Red
If you’re quick, PetPlanet has the harnesses on sale… 

As Mummy had wanted to get us wider collars, and she likes our new harnesses, she ordered matching collars for us today.  We can’t wait for them to arrive – although we won’t be able to wear them out in public for up to 2 weeks as Mummy’s had to order new engraved ID tags to go on the collars (our current ones will not be wide enough).  Mr Engraver, please hurry as we want to show off our new collars….

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  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    My scanning tag is on my harness as I don’t have a collar. Mumma did funny things with the tag as I’ve already lost 2, but they weren’t scanner tags. Mumma is thinking of maybe trying to get me a reflecting harness. She found a beautiful black one with reflective silver paws. Looks regal

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