Week 4, Day 5

Oh dear!  I don’t think Mummy is too pleased with us today.  Whilst she was getting our breakfast ready, Zen and I sneaked out into the garden and started to have a great game together.  Once Mummy realised what we’d done, she came to get us, but we didn’t make it easy for her – the two of us rushing round the garden, play fighting at every opportunity.  Oh, it felt lovely to be out in the garden with my brother, off lead and able to play with him.  And I don’t feel too bad afterwards, so hopefully Mummy will let us play outside a little bit more.

Ssshhh, don’t tell anyone, but I’ve just been out for a walk.  It was raining and I had to stay on the lead, but I didn’t mind as it was just so lovely to be out again.  And I met two other dogs – not my normal friends (hopefully I’ll get to see them soon), but nice, friendly dogs.  I’m not meant to be going for walks for another 2 weeks, but Mummy thought that I had recovered sufficiently to go out for a short one.

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