Congratulations, Daddy Gio!

Congratulations to Daddy Gio – he got his 3rd CC Ticket today, and is now a Show Champion – Sh Ch Arkview Chicago At Llawkrik.  We’re so proud of you.  Love you Daddy.


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  1. Daddy Gio says:

    Hi Boys,

    Thankyou so much, I am sooooo HAPPY I think I am on the clouds. I keep getting lovely meat and special treats but sshh don’t tell Mum Kara or Skye because I was so good yesterday. I feel so special my Mum & Dad keep saying Well Done, you are such a good boy, I love this feeling yeehaa.
    You two keep behaving and playing nicely, your doing good.

    Love ya boys

  2. Suzye says:

    Are there front legs under all that fur? Skoryy still has a LOT of fur to grow before he has a full show coat, but he has so much more than his single baby coat that he came with

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