Running the Marathon

Not such a nice morning – rain, rain, rain.  So Mummy decided to take us to a park instead of the beach.  So off to Sheringham Park we went, where there are various nature trails that we can go on.

We walked the 2-mile walk first as a starter.  But that wasn’t enough for the two of us, so Mummy left the Cavies with their cousins, and then took us round the 2-mile walk a second time, but this time we did it at a run – well, as much of a run as Mummy could do!  She seemed rather unwilling to run down the steep slopes – don’t know why.  Guess it’s that 2-leg problem again!  And then we all went for another walk in the afternoon – about 3 miles this time…

 Here’s a photo of me resting after our run:


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