Sleepover and Acrobatics

As the weather was meant to be bad overnight, Mummy let us have a sleepover at Grandma’s.  How exciting…  Grandma did get up a couple of times in the night and we just had to check up on her.  And then I tried to help her tidy up once everyone got up and took her nightware into the computer room for her.

Gizzy went off chasing squirrels this afternoon, so Mummy sent the two of us to go and fetch him.  Oh, we had so much fun running in the wooded area around the outside of the field, with everyone watching us, wondering where we were going to appear from next.  And Zen was so funny – he went running into the woods at one point and ended up going base over apex.  He says he doesn’t have a clue what happened, but Mummy couldn’t stop laughing at him.  I kept reminding my clumsy brother about it for the rest of the walk – don’t think he was too amused.

Here’s a couple of photos of us relaxing after a rather energetic walk:

2010-12-26-02.jpg     2010-12-26-04.jpg     2010-12-26-05.jpg

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