Mummy’s Xmas Pressie

We ordered Mummy’s Xmas pressie this evening – we hope it comes in time.  Oh, it was so difficult to order it without her knowing, but we manged it in the end.  We went for the upgraded model as it is from all 4 of us.  I so hope she likes it…

It was foggy for our walk this morning so Mummy made us wear our fluorescent coats across the fields.  But she still kept calling us every time we disappeared from sight.  Mummy, I thought the whole purpose of walks was to allow us to run around, chase the birds and generally get rid of our excess energy – how can we do that when you keep calling us back?  Mummy put Hal back on a lead early as he was limping a bit, and she also put me on a lead so I didn’t wind him up – but then I started crying as there were so many birds that I wanted to go and chase, so Mummy took pity on me and let me off the lead again.  Oh, that was so much fun – chasing all those birds, yapping as I went.  Mummy lost sight of me several times, but I returned to her when she called me.

Here’s a photo of the two of us snuggled up together:


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