Poor Cousin Gizzy

Poor Cousin Gizzy had to be rushed to the vets today – Grandma thought his dew claw was looking a little strange this morning and made a note to mention that it was sticking out a bit when she next took him to the vets, but then this afternoon it seemed to be split and he wasn’t at all happy so Grandma made an emergency appointment for him.  We don’t know what happened as he was taken out the back to be treated, but he returned with his whole leg bandaged and he’s been given antibiotics. 

Gizzy kept trying to chew the bandage so Grandma went to the chemists and bought some baby socks for him – so now he’s copying Hal with the baby socks as well, although Hal uses them as an elbow warmer.  He’s not walking on his bandaged leg at the moment – if he doesn’t start walking on it Grandma won’t take him out for walks….

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