Mummy’s getting Zen and me passports so we never have to be left behind.  Only thing is our Cavie brothers got their passports many years ago and they’ve never been out of the UK or Republic of Ireland (which doesn’t need passports).  Oh well, perhaps one of these days we’ll get to go to Europe.

So, we had our first Rabies injections 4 weeks ago, and today it was time for our blood tests to check the vaccination had taken.  I was done first, and was easy – the nice nurse held my body whilst Mummy held my head and made a fuss of me and bingo, blood out on the first attempt.  Then it came Zen’s turn – oh, he was such a big baby and struggled like mad.  The vet had to shave his leg in the end to try to find a vein, but still couldn’t find one in his right leg, so it was all change and try the left – that was much easier, but now Zen has two matching bald patches on his front legs.  Note to Mummy – Zen has to have blood taken from his left leg in future.

The nice vet also checked my leg now that I’ve started to have off-lead walks, and he was happy with how it’s doing and the range of movement that I have.  So fingers crossed that will be the end of my operations now and I can get back to “normal”.

The vet also checked Zen’s ear as he got an infection on our holiday last month – that’s all cleared up nicely, so we both got a clean bill of health.

We also had our weight checked whilst at the vets – Mummy was concerned that we were getting a little too thin so had increased our food this last week and she wanted to check that our weight was still OK.  I weighed 16.8kg (same as last time) and Zen was 16.4kg (down 0.3kg on last time, but that’s about the right difference between us).

Since we’ve got home, Mummy has been very busy repairing 2 of our beds that Zen attacked whilst I was recovering from my op.  The zips were dead, so Mummy has replaced those with Velcro, and various holes have also been sewn up.  We’ve still got one bed in hospital, but think that one’s going to be a big job for Mummy.

Oh and we had a lovely walk this evening – Zen caught a pigeon, but I managed to get it off him – boy was that yummy.  Mummy wasn’t best pleased, though, so she put us on leads for the rest of the walk – although we told everyone that was because it was starting to get dark.

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3 Responses to Passports

  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    Mumma needs to mend 2 of my beds & mumma has wasted 2 lovely fluffy blankets I’m sure were for us. Grandmummy hung 1 over the gap between the front door & our feeding station & mumma is still sewing stuff on to the other. HOW can we sleep on a vertical blanket?

  2. Zen says:

    We think you should pull them down – you can’t sleep on a vertical blanket. One big tug with your mouth and…

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