My First Outing

We went to a new beach today that we’ve never been to before.  There was a little walk from the car park to the beach, and across the beach to the sea, so Mummy made me travel in my stroller.  I think she struggled a bit across the loose sand, judging by all the puffing and panting that was going on, but then found it much easier on the wet sand.  Zen, Shandy and Casey went crazy running around on the sand and straight into the water – they seemed to be enjoying themselves so much.  And then Mummy let me out to have a paddle and a little swim – boy, did that feel good.  But I got too excited, so Mummy put me back in the stroller after a while.

2010-09-05-01.jpg     2010-09-05-02.jpg

2010-09-05-03.jpg     2010-09-05-05.jpg     2010-09-05-08.jpg

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