I had my stitches out today.  I thought it was going to hurt, but it wasn’t too bad.  Zen came with me to hold my paw, which was good.

Mummy asked the nice vet about our food – he wasn’t aware that there was any benefit to us being on such a low protein diet, so is going to investigate further.  So what’s a Mummy to do?

We were weighed at the vets and we’d both lost weight – I’m down to 17.75kg and Zen is 17.55kg.  The vet seemed pleased with our weights, even though we are now below the official Welshie weight.  We don’t feel thin, though – somehow I think Mummy may get our weights down even lower….

I’ve been feeling much better today, although my elbow does still hurt at times – but at least I feel fine in myself.  I have wanted to play with Zen -we found a way where I lie on my back and he does all the running around, but Mummy still doesn’t approve.

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  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    I’m glad your stitches are out now & bit wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be.

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