The Silent Meow

Mummy was really proud of Zen this morning – he chased a cat, but as it was early and we were near the houses, he didn’t utter a sound.  No squeals of joy, or barking as the cat went over the fence – just silence.

This evening we met Vinny, Fenster and Jarvis.  Jarvis had fun – he found a dead fox (well, the bones – it had obviously been dead a while) – but in turn he gave up the two hind legs and the front leg, back and head to his Mummy.  But then came the final leg, which he chose to give to Fenster instead – and Fenster just ran!  He takes after me (or do I take after him?) – once you have some old bones, defend them to your last!  But Mummy had a secret weapon – Fenster loves our liver treats, so Mummy gave a handful to his Mummy, and that proved to be his downfall – he just couldn’t resist them, and whilst his Mummy was busy distracting him, our Mummy was able to remove the leg and dispose of it.  Now, we just need to find those remains some time when Mummy isn’t looking…

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