All It Takes Is Dedication

Only two of us turned up for classes today.  Our trainer said that’s because we’re dedicated – but I think it’s because all the others are scared of how well I’m doing and don’t want to be shown up by me.  As the other one there was a little puppy (15 weeks against my 15 months) it took longer to do each of the exercises, so our teacher gave me some extra special exercises that normally we wouldn’t be doing for a few more weeks.  I must admit, I was rather shattered at the end from all that concentration.

Cousins Sparky and Gizzy came round to see us today, so we had a bit of a play and then all laid down in the garden and watched Mummy cutting all the shrubs, with Grandma and Grandpa then clearing up the mess that she made.  We did take a few of the bits of shrub to chew…

Mummy thinks we’ve been calmer today – oh dear, does this mean that we’re starting to grow up and will now have to behave ourselves?

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  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    One day of calm is not growing up! I’m still shattered after yesterday & poor Chut’ty has no legs left

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