Teacher’s Pet

Zen started training for his bronze basic obedience today, and apparently was very good in the class.  He didn’t even play with the other dogs during the breaks, preferring to cosy up to the teacher – talk about teacher’s pet!  I think Mummy decided to take him because I’m so much better behaved than him and don’t need the lessons to pass the test 🙂 , but Zen says it’s because I need extra time to practise 🙁 .

Afterwards, Mummy took us to visit cousins Sparky and Gizzy, and she took her cycle with us.  We had a good walk with Sparky and Gizzy, and then Mummy hitched us up to the bike and we were off….  Where Mummy took us there were less corners than we have in our normal fields, so we were able to get up quite a speed running along, pulling the bike.  We’re going to be so fit at this rate.  I think a few people were amused by us, though, as we heard one person saying they wish they had their camera with them.

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  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    I was photographed this day, too ~ by a stranger! We went to see the bad horses who had escaped into a neighbouring field & had just put them in my field when someone stopped & asked about me & photographed me! I want mumma to run me again. I love galloping along

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