Annual MOT

Mummy took us to the vets again today – apparently it was time for our annual injections and health check.  But surely it’s not a year since we last had a check…?

Anyway, I think Mummy felt sorry for us afterwards as she took us for a lovely long walk in the fields.  We saw loads of skylarks – Mummy loved watching them in the sky and listening to them, but we would have preferred them to be a bit lower to the ground so that we could chase them.  We also behaved ourselves round a couple of horses (helped by being on a lead) as well as playing with a couple of our friends.  Oh, and I found the leg of a baby deer to play with – that was fun until Mummy took it off me.

We were told that we are striking – what does that mean?

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  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    Beautiful, like me! Mumma & Poppymummy took me out for a drive on Sunday. Well mumma was teaching Poppymummy to drive her horse & I trotted alongside to make sure the horse behaved herself. Poppymummy has borrowed a thing & straps for horsey. If this is what mumma wants to do with our big horsey, it really looks fun & we go at a much better speed than mumma walk. Horses are fun (well, not Snegi)

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