Horses, Runners and Little Birdies

But first, Happy Birthday cousin Rhiannon!

We met loads of horses and runners out on out walk this morning.  We don’t like horses – or rather we like horses, but we don’t like the way Mummy puts us on a lead round them just because we want to bark and play with them.  We tried that in Ireland, but the Mummy horse was rather protective of her little foal and tried to kick us – those hooves looked rather painful.  And Mummy does the same round runners – we don’t understand that, as we just want to help motivate them to keep running by playing round their feet and jumping up and giving them great slobbery kisses.  What better way to encourage them to keep going?

Zen chased a couple of little birdies for miles and miles across the fields (OK, slight exaggeration, but he did run a long way, out of sight across the fields) and I ran out to meet him as he was returning to us.  It’s great to be able to run again, and chase all those little birds.

We met 5 groups of people whilst out, and 4 of them said how handsome we are (the other one was a runner who looked too out of breath to say anything), so surely that’s conclusive evidence that we are beautiful – more beautiful than everyone else including our Cavie brothers.

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  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    I wanted you to run across fields with us & you did get a short run in the baby forest behind my house. Maybe next time we could run all over the bald mountain…

  2. Skoryy Lovok says:

    Missy asked me to tell you thank you for her card, it was very cute

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