Makeshift Dens

In the kitchen of the cottage where we are staying there are two little dens between all the cabinets – and Grandpa very kindly put some sheets in there for us.  We have made them our home from home, as they are the closest thing to our cages that we have.  I think Mummy was really pleased with us this evening when the owners of the cottage arrived to check up on us and we each headed into our dens, as though that was our home – apparently dogs aren’t normally allowed in the house so we were trying to be good as gold (how good is that?) as the owner was kind enough to let us all stay.

We had more snow and hail today – where’s the sun gone?  We still managed a walk down the road towards the forest road, and Twilight showed us where she caught a rabbit – I wish we’d been able to go for a run in that field and catch a rabbit of our own.

Here’s a few photos of Skorry:

 2010-03-31-09.jpg     2010-03-31-11.jpg     2010-03-31-15.jpg

And some of us curled up together:

2010-03-31-03.jpg     2010-03-31-13.jpg     2010-03-31-17.jpg

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  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    Don’t I look gorgeous. You don’t look too bad yourselves

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