Farmers Hal & Zen

There is a field next to the cottage where we are staying in that had 2 calves and their Mummies in when we arrived.  But seeing how wonderful we are, the farmer has added a 3rd calf and its Mummy.  See, we’re natural farmers, looking after the calves.  But who will look after them when we’re round Skoryy’s and his brothers / sisters?

Whilst Mummy was cutting down a tree she put us on tie out cables to “keep us safe”.  We prefer those to leads as we had far more freedom, but the cat and ferrets were still able to tease us – that’s not fair – we got told off for barking at them, can’t chase them as we are on our cables, and they just won’t leave us alone.  But we’ll get our revenge – maybe not today, but we will..

By the way, it’s one year today since Mummy came and collected us from Scotland – what a year that’s been!

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  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    Mumma told me that the first ferret bit her 2nd dog’s nose hard. I think it might be best to leave the ferrets alone. Cats are another matter….

    When are you coming back? I miss you. Mumma & Missy took us out early this morning, they said they wanted to see the sunrise as it’s Easter Sunday. I just had fun exploring & I lost OT (heehee), but he found his way back. Mumma slipped, but her fur didn’t get very muddy.

    Maybe you should become horse dogs like me…

  2. Skoryy Lovok says:

    You’re well travelled puppies ~ how many countries so far? 4?

  3. Hal says:

    Yes, 4 – Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland

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