Sickly Zen

Zen didn’t eat any tea last night, and didn’t want to settle at bed time.  And then at 3:30am he woke Mummy by being sick – twice.  Mummy took pity on him and let him snuggle up to her for the rest of the night, so he was much happier.  He was sick again just before breakfast, so Mummy was a bit unsure about feeding him, but by this time he was so hungry that she ended up giving him a full meal in several smaller portions.  I’m pleased to report that he’s not been sick again since, and had a good run in the fields chasing all the birds earlier.  Cousins Sparky and Gizzy have also not been 100% today – bet they gave Zen a 24-hour bug.  I’m glad that I didn’t get it.  Now if only I could persuade Mummy to let me snuggle up with her tonight….

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  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    I goes snuggledy up with mumma nearly every night, but I wish she had a bigger bed or was a smaller mumma

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