How Long To Spring?

Mummy said that some years she’s had to cut the grass in the garden in February.  Somehow we don’t think she’ll need to do that this year – there’s hardly any grass, and what is there is just not growing.  We’re quite looking forward to having grass again – we get so muddy just playing in the garden (and that’s not all due to digging – honest!).  But I’m sure the snow we had again today didn’t help. 

Still, at least the days are getting longer – Mummy won’t be able to have a lie in on Sundays soon as it will just be too light outside and we’ll want to play.

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  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    No grass here, either ~ the horses & poultry have eaten it all. The horses are even eating our hay that mumma says is dried grass. She tells us that it is their food, but that can’t be right ~ after all, who would want to live on dried plants AND there are spikey bitey plants in it. Somehow it all seems to be slowly going ~ I’m sure there were several big bouncy-on bales there last year before the snow & now there’s 2 small squidgy lumps.

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