Mummy’s Boy

My brother has become quite a Mummy’s boy recently, trying to demand all her attention.  He seems to forget there are another 3 of us in this relationship.  At least Mummy is very careful to treat us all equally and make sure we all have time and cuddles.  But boy can he go on – Mummy this, Mummy that, my Mummy.  Sometimes I’d just love to hit him over the head and knock some adult sense into him.

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  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    You’re lucky ~ there are 7, SEVEN, of us here, plus Arthur, plus Rocky, the gorgeous Poppy & the yappyyap. I want mumma ALL the time, but the others sniggle in & Piri, the Piripups & Twilight can fit on mumma’s lap. Midnight was boasting yesterday that HE got to sit on mumma’s lap in the big white puppy-eater. That’s MY place! How did he get to ride in the puppy-eater, he wasn’t even at home?! how did mumma escape without me? It wasn’t mumma’s day for the big blue puppy-eater. I’m upset & confused. I’m going to grab mumma nooooooooooooooiwwwwwwwww

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