Barking Heads

My stupid brother has developed a bit of a sensitive tummy, so Mummy stopped giving us treats whilst she worked out what was causing the problem.  I don’t understand why the rest of us can’t continue to have treats, and only Zen’s are stopped – after all, he’s the one with the problem.

Still, after a couple of treat-free days, Zen’s tummy continued to get worse and he lost quite a bit of weight round his shoulders, so Mummy thought it might be the food that we are all on.  Mummy has now bought some special anti-allergy food for Zen, and the rest of us are on 50:50 with the old food and new.  Zen has now been on the Barking Heads food for a week, and he certainly seems to be feeling better – he’s put back on the weight that he lost, and seems much happier and full of energy – too much energy if you ask me.

Zen’s new food is certainly tasty – tastier than our old food.  So that’s a double hit to us – no treats for us, and Zen gets the tastier food.  I hope Mummy moves the rest of us fully on to the new food soon.

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  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    Because I’m not supposed to have a high protein diet, mumma mixes 4 cups of Pedro to 2 cups of Greyhound. I love the dried meaty bits in the Pedro & guard all 4 bowls when mumma feeds us until I’ve checked for & eaten ALL the meaty bits ~ the other dogs can have the greyhound food, funny bits & cornflakes. Apparently the RPB website says that we were fed meat scraps & grains ~ I’ll take the meat! I’m a Royal dog, so I’m sure wqe were fed on best meat in golden bowls

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