Soggy Slippers

It’s not my fault. It was Mummy who decided to leave her slippers by the back door when she went outside with Zen – I was just taking them into the hall for her… They just smelt so much of her that I couldn’t resist sucking them. But at least I left the ribbon on Scotty – I could have pulled that off if I had wanted to.

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  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    You’s good puppy. Mumma got some lovely fluffy slippers & ummm 1 is only half a slipper now. I was only loving it as visiting boy took my bed away from me & wouldn’t let me pass to mumma’s bed. He’d killed my teddy that I’d loved & kept whole. Teddy is now all holes & has no eyes or nose 🙁 . Mumma was understanding about her slippers (the other slipper has no inside sole any more…). She did say something about them being “the cheap slippers”

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