It tasted nice at the time…

I got to eat something delicious when out for our afternoon walk yesterday – although strangely Hal didn’t fight me for it.  And now I know why.  I felt quite unwell during the evening and couldn’t face any of my tea, and when it came to bed time I just collapsed in my cage.  But I’m pleased to report that I’m feeling much better today and have eaten both my breakfast and tea.

I don’t know why Hal got all grumpy with me yesterday – just because I couldn’t face any tea (and hence wouldn’t let him in the dog flap to eat his own tea) he got quite upset with me.  Still, we’re back to being friends again now.

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  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    Chut’Chut’ has a grass habit that makes him sick, but it never interferes with his desire for breakfast or dinner. I had to remind mumma that I need at least 3 meals a day today. I refused to move away from my bowl & let her pass at lunchtime until she’d filled it again. I think she deliberately forgot because I went for my own walk & not hers!

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