My Stupid Teenage Brother (Zen)

Zen has been taking himself off to sleep on his own recently (you’ve probably seen the photos of just the 3 of us), so Mummy thought he was being a typical teenage boy and wanting his own space.  However, over the last few days he’s also started being more naughty, barking at other dogs and jumping up at people.  Well, Mummy (being all wise) thought that he might be missing his usual cuddles (he always was a cuddle dog), so she’s been forcing him to curl up with us during the day and with Mummy on the settee in the evenings.  And suddenly he can’t get enough cuddles and keeps begging Mummy for more.  It seems that he wanted the cuddles all along, but just didn’t want to ask for them – well, how stupid is that?  I’m certainly not shy in asking for cuddles.

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  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    I want mumma to cuddle me, but I can’t fit on her lap :(. I want to curl up by her now, but visitor girly is growling at me & when mumma distracted her so I could do so, girly did pathetic & got the lap (I did get the bone she had, though!) Visitor dogs bounce all over mumma & hurt her & the other dogs demand attention far more than I do. Except for Piri who stays back & waits to be noticed. Mumma can’t ignore meif I stand on 2 legs to cuddle! or if I stand in her way. Tell your brother, where cuddles are concerned, them that asks gets

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