Bank Holiday Monday

Mummy took us for a walk this morning whilst all the fields were white and crispy.  Zen tried to walk on some clear shiny stuff (Mummy said it was called ice) but he was just too heavy and fell through – serves him right for eating too much over Christmas!  He didn’t get too wet, though, as it was only where a puddle normally is, so only his feet got wet.  We met a very bouncy Golden Retriever called Oscar who joined us on our walk.  We tried to be really good and not show Mummy up as we had a guest with us.

Mummy has been trying to put the house back to normal, now that we don’t have to spend time in our cages during the day.  She hasn’t put any of our cages away yet as I don’t think she’s decided which of the 2 cages she wants us to sleep in at night, but she has moved things round a bit to create a little more room, and also returned the laptop to the lounge.  It’s been lovely – she’s had the lounge and study open today and we’ve been allowed to decide where we want to sleep.  We’ve been very good and not stolen any of her things yet, or shredded any of her paper, as we don’t want to be shut out of any of the rooms.

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