Missing Casey

Casey spent most of the day at the vets today, and I missed him.  I don’t normally play with him, but I do curl up in his cage with him at times, and it was strange being in there without him.

But he’s home now, and feeling much better – and he doesn’t even have wobbly legs.  Mummy made him strangled egg, but he wanted his normal food as well.

According to Mummy the vets lost count of the number of teeth they had to remove after they got to 15.  The nice vet said that Mummy had been cleaning his teeth too well – so they looked clean and healthy, but under the gums they were actually decaying.  The tooth that Mummy had actually taken him in for had one bad root and one good root, and apparently the good root broke whilst they were removing the tooth, and disappeared – so now Mummy has to keep an eye on Casey in case it causes any problems. 

After having 15 teeth out, how can he eat dried food this evening, even if it was soaked in water?

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  1. Skye says:

    Hi Casey,

    Oh I hope you are feeling better, what a shame your mouth must be sore after all that. I hope Zen & Hal are giving you lots of gentle hugs & kisses. My Mummy Kara has to go in next year and get her teeth cleaned but my Daddy Gio has lovely teeth and Mum says she hopes I take after Daddy with the good teeth, Mum says it’s weird too as they both eat the same things. I wonder if Zen & Hal will take their teeth after Mummy Kara or Daddy Gio.
    Lots of Hugs & Kisses Skye

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