Week 2, Day 5

Hal and me, we’re 8 months old today 🙂 – and I have to spend it in the cage 🙁 .  Wonder what Mummy is going to do to help us celebrate… 
Well, Mummy did us proud – she bought us a couple of toys, and also a bone filled with chicken – here’s us enjoying them:

2009-10-04-10.jpg     2009-10-04-13.jpg

I didn’t want to go to bed last night.  Mummy doesn’t seem to realise that if I spend the whole day sleeping in my cage, then I’m not tired at night time, and just want cuddles and play.  I tried really hard to let Mummy have some sleep, but once the Cavies were moving around I just wanted a cuddle from my Mummy…

Here’s a few of photos of me ‘playing’ with my brother (always under Mummy’s watchful eye)

2009-10-03-02.jpg     2009-10-04-01.jpg     2009-10-04-02.jpg

2009-10-04-03.jpg     2009-10-04-04.jpg     2009-10-04-07.jpg

Hal has just proved how much he loves me – by coming in the cage with me so that we can be together:


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