Week 1, Day 7

Almost one week down, 5 to go….

Mummy thinks the fur on my leg is growing back well – what do you think?

2009-09-29-02.JPG     2009-09-29-04.JPG     2009-09-29-07.JPG

2009-09-29-06.JPG     2009-09-29-08.jpg

Mummy’s just made us strangled egg for lunch, topped off with the last of the chicken that grandma bought us on Saturday – yummy.  I do so love Mummy’s strangled egg.

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2 Responses to Week 1, Day 7

  1. Hi Zen,
    You are looking good in the photos, sleeping in the same positions I do. Yes it looks as though a little hair is growing back in your leg. Mummy Kara and Daddy Gio said to tell you to take it easy and be a good boy when your Grandma comes to watch you.
    Lots of slobbery kisses to you and Hal
    Love Skye xxxxxxxxx

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