Week 1, Day 4

I was very brave again last night and didn’t cry when everyone else went to bed and left me on my own, and I was quiet through until 6:30am, when I just wanted Mummy so much I had to cry out for her.

I really hated it today when the others went out for a walk – so much so that I got so stressed out that I had a little accident in my cage.  Mummy put me in the other cage whilst she cleaned up my accident, but I didn’t like it in that one as it’s in the kitchen and I can’t see every one, so Mummy has now made me up a temporary bed in my normal cage, until my proper bed dries.

Grandma, Grandpa, Sparky and Gizzy came round to see me today, and brought me some fresh chicken – although Mummy hasn’t given me any yet as we had cheese for lunch.  Well, I think they came round to see me, but Hal thinks they came to see him….  Either way, Hal was able to play with Gizzy, which meant he left me alone when I went out for my walks round the garden, and I was also able to have a good cuddle with Mummy without him trying to fight with me.

Here’s a photo of my cousins Sparky (first) and Gizzy:

2009-09-07-08.jpg     2009-09-07-07.jpg

And here’s a couple of photos showing my fur boot and my rather pointed elbow!

2009-09-26-01.jpg     2009-09-26-02.jpg

(Don’t forget to click on the photo to see a bigger version)

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5 Responses to Week 1, Day 4

  1. Hi Zen,
    Great you had another good nights sleep, you sound as if you are recovering well and not in too much pain.
    A wee shame you had an accident, but don’t worry even Skye had an accident yesterday in the kitchen, just an hour after her run in the fields, I think she was still excited at being in the fields she forgot where she was, but then again it was maybe our fault as she’d done it at the back door.
    Take it easy and try not to worry when Mummy takes the other dogs out
    she will always come back to you.
    Lots of Hugs & Kisses

  2. Zen says:

    Grandpa stayed with me when Mummy and Grandma went out for a walk today – that was much better. I was also given a chew that was meant to last a while, but I demolished it in 10 minutes – hopefully Mummy will leave me a bigger one next time.

  3. Hi Zen,
    It was good to see you today and Gizzy enjoyed playing and chasing Hal as you had to take it easy. He was tired after all the exercise and slept all evening. Gizzy says get well soon Zen, so he can play with you again, like he did on holiday.
    See you again on Wednesday.

  4. Zen says:

    It was lovely to see you, too, Sparky and Gizzy. I can’t wait until I can play again – but at least I could watch you and my brother, and he seemed happier having someone to play with.

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